Keeping up to date with the law can be a daunting task. Sometimes it can seem like the more you learn, the more you know there is to learn. The number of legal podcasts out there claiming to be the best for lawyers has grown massively in recent years. If you’re interested in improving your law practice, advertising, or client relations, you should listen carefully and choose the best legal podcasts for you. 

For lawyers and law firms, listening to podcasts is an excellent research tool. However, there are thousands of legal podcasts to choose from, which makes it challenging to choose the best. We have compiled a list of 9 of the top legal podcasts that we recommend you start listening to help you improve your law firm.

In this blog, we take a look at the top 9 legal podcasts which could help any law firm improve their service and performance, whether they’re run by a sole solicitor or a large firm with offices across the country.

9 Best Legal Podcasts for Lawyers and Law Firms


1. Lawyer 2 Lawyer

Hosted by J. Craig Williams

Average length – 30 minutes 

Aired first in 2005, lawyer 2 lawyer is one of the oldest running podcasts. Hosted by criminal defense lawyer J.craig Williams. This podcast aims to give you an understanding of the implications of legal news. This is done through having discussions between lawyers and guest speakers, which sometimes turn into friendly debates. Lawyer2lawyer will give you a better understanding of ongoing issues in the legal field.


2. Legal Toolkit

Hosted by Jared Correia

Average length- 36 minutes

This is a go-to podcast for someone who wants to learn about tried and tested strategies for the growth of their firm. Hosted by Jared Correia, CEO at Red Cave Law Firm Consulting, this podcast is a go-to resource for anyone who needs tips on marketing, law firm productivity, and efficiency.  Concepts are told through engaging stories and discussions between lawyers and guests. Legal Toolkit is a wonderful resource for all those who are serious about their law firm growth. 


3. Un-Billable Hour

Hosted by -Christopher T Anderson 

Average length – 39 minutes 

Hosted by Christopher T Anderson, an attorney holding 19-year of experience, during his time at the law firm he also has worked as a managing partner. Unbillable hours focus on sharing the best strategic advice and tips on how to manage a law firm. The podcast dives into a topic such as legal marketing, growth strategies, legal tech usage, and how to land more clients 


4. Grow Your Law Firm

Hosted by – Ken Hardison

Average length – 34 Minutes 

Hosted by Ken Hardison, a weekly podcast, a law firm growth mastermind and founder of PILLMA,  explores the challenges and problems involved in growing your practice. The podcast consists of an insightful conversation between the host and a guest attorney. This podcast sheds light on top strategies to grow your law firm, tools, and other such tips that can help you increase your profit.


5. The Law Entrepreneur

Hosted by – Neil Tyra 

Average length- 52 minutes 

Laughing at a new law firm can be daunting and challenging. Law schools don’t teach much about launching a business for law students. This podcast is filling the gaps between lawyers and how one can start a law firm. This weekly podcast hosts many discussions with small law firm owners and other entrepreneurs shedding light on the various strategies working for them.


6. Opening Arguments

Hosted by – Thomas Smith and Andrew Torre

Average length –  72 minutes

To grow your law firm, it’s essential to have in-depth knowledge about what’s happening around you and how you can align with your current strategy. Opening arguments host a discussion on a particular cause. This podcast hosts lively discussions on current events, case studies, case rulings, and developments in the U.S.


7. Bloomberg Law Podcast 

Hosted by – June Grasso 

Average length – 30 minutes 

Giving details about interesting case studies, this podcast brings out fresh perspectives and insights. Helping you grow your personal growth. Hosted by Emmy award-winning, in this podcast, every episode features an expert lawyer or a professional who breaks down the legal industry’s major case rulings and issues. Perfect for someone who needs to stay up to date with newer ways and fresh perspectives on how the legal industry works. 

Aaron Street and Stephanie Everett

9. Lawyerist Podcast

Hosted by -Aaron Street and Stephanie Everett

Average length -38 minutes 

No matter what stage of your legal career, there’s always space for learning and improvement of your current knowledge. Lawyerist podcast specifically helps on this theme. Helping listeners to understand where the current industry stands and what future the legal industry holds. These podcasts achieve this by hosting engaging discussions and interviews with industry leaders and coaches. 


10. Thinking Like a Lawyer

Hosted by -Joe Patrice and Kathryn Rubino

Average length -27 minutes 

A podcast by above the law hosts conversation on everyday topics like pop culture to recent developments through the eyes of a lawyer and legal context. The hosts pick up the most interesting topics and have discussions in the context of gaps according to the legal industry. This opens a pathway to think like a lawyer to more nonlegal issues and hence leading you the personal and professional growth in the legal profession.

Summing up

Legal podcasts continually update their listeners on the latest goings-on in the legal industry, from current trends to political happenings to innovations and changes within court systems. The biggest selling point of legal podcasts is that they do not need hours by the end of your time. Instead, they provide countless hours’ worth of knowledge and information at a fraction of the cost. 

With so many podcasts to choose from, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. But these 9 podcasts are great choices for lawyers and law firms of all kinds. Not only do they offer great advice, but they also have dynamic legal experts in the field who offer compelling interviews on important topics. Legal podcasts can help lawyers who are in the practice of law to listen and learn about the various issues and aspects. There is a vast ocean of podcasts that lawyers can tap into for knowledge and training purposes. Best of all, they’re easy on your ears and readily available with just a click.


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