Whether a solo attorney or a large law firm, every attorney in the US or UK needs legal applications to sort their everyday law practice. Though we have cloud computing legal software emerging at the highest peak to manage billing, invoice creation, cases, clients, contacts, payments, and other operational aspects considered in legal practice, every lawyer needs these applications to make their work even simpler and easier. And why not? The proficiency that plenty of legal applications have for both Android as well iPhone users is incredible as the emerging need for a technological shift in the legal industry much-needed one

With cloud-based applications not only do you cover your operational as well as management requirements in one intuitive system, but the important part is that all of them are done remotely without even stepping out. Isn’t it the best reason to opt for this in the first place as the pandemic-stricken countries are already facing enough? These applications have been specifically designed in such a way that your mobility needs are completely taken care of and you can bill, add time entries, process faster payments, book appointments, share documents and do a lot more just with some clicks wherever you are.

To make it easier for you and other attorneys who are on the hunt for the best applications designed for lawyers and to get them rid of bad experiences while finding the right application for their law firm, here are we with our top finds so that your practice could be made a bit easier with this top researched best applications down below –

For Organizing and Managing Notes


Thinking about the best note-keeping application to manage your details even on the minute level? Evernote gives you the ease to manage everything on a cloud when it comes to your legal notes and case-related information to tackle all the cases, develop and share the information. Not only this, Evernote helps you scan your documents and store them easily on any of your devices even if you are anywhere, and connect it easily with your Google calendar. This application for note-keeping is so handy for solo practitioners and law firms that it makes it one of the top applications to look forward to for your daily law practice.

Google Keep

We don’t know why, but Google Keep is one of the overlooked note-keeping software but still, it holds the capacity to include important information when it comes to lawyers. As Google Docs and other applications are already popular, Google Keep includes features like allowing you to add ideas of yours with the help of your voice, images to your notes, and manage your to-do list, all with the help of Google Keep. It helps you create, share, and collaborate with your notes and as the best application, it helps you keep everything synchronized on mobile phones, very handy.


Blend your everyday legal notes in one very easy-to-manage application, Notion. The notion comes with different components such as bookkeeping, database keeping, and reminders all in one system. From writing a bullet journal or personal wiki, case law management or a case management system, research, and scheduling, with Notion, attorneys can stay on top when it comes to anything to have a classified law practice. The best functionality we think works for lawyers is team writing features and tracking projects easily which makes it an extensive software for transforming digital note-keeping.

Document Storage Applications for Lawyers


When it comes to document storage software, Dropbox comes first for the innumerable features it carries for storing each and every information over the cloud, and not just this, the best part is that it serves as an integration partner to many legal cloud software solutions out there in the market so that you can sync all your documents easily and have a smoother workflow for your law firm. It not only gives secure access to your files but also helps you with a broad array of features. It has a free plan as well so that you can keep documents easily up to a limit and then start paying. It’s basic and easy to use which makes it convenient for literally anyone tech-savvy.


Microsoft OneDrive is one of the top-rated cloud storage services that provides users the ability to store and share documents within their law firm easily and seamlessly without moving a distance just with clicks. One of the best features that will make you have One Drive as your handy application is that you can manage multiple Onedrive accounts just from one device. It has an Onedrive Personal Vault area as well where you can keep the most trusted and crucial documents and which contains strong authentication methods and 2-step identification.


Whether talking about law practice or client collaboration, Box turns out to be the best storage management software with innumerable integration partners to streamline your law practice easily every day. Not only this secure storage of any file type with any e-file size on one device With multiple people collaborating on the same is all possible with the help of the box. Online data backup facility and easily accessible on any mobile device makes it one of the best cloud storage software in the legal industry.

For Contract Drafting and Analysis


Trusted by attorneys, real estate professionals, and contract experts worldwide, Loio brings AI-powered efficiency to Microsoft Word. It’s your “second pair” of lawyer’s eyes to analyze contracts before you sign them and ensure that the entire contract writing and review process runs smoothly. Make your contract analysis simpler with detailed content reports, a review of clauses, and an extensive library of easy-to-add legal provisions. That makes Loio an excellent choice of contract drafting and review tools for every legal professional in the US.

For Virtual Meetings


As the whole business has shifted online, the emergence of Zoom as one of the best video conferencing applications is still popular. Attorneys are using this in their everyday law practice for professional meetings and conferences, everything. Lawyers and the legal world are much different when it comes to normal business owners. They lead facilities in the applications such as inviting participants only when required and other security-related features that Zoom comes with. As the profession of law itself requires the use of confidential confidentiality issues there is Zoom which helps them with passwords and passcodes for meeting entrance and also the facility to add attendees only by the host makes it even more secure. Also the key feature, it comes absolutely free.


You might not have heard about it, but Legaler stands to be a legal industry-specific video conferencing software geared up, especially for lawyers. It is an Australian-based company with security being the main focus as the legal industry demands. It has good and handy features such as screen share options, and inviting participants to the meeting with one-click collaboration. Not only this it allows you to organize your messages, files, notes, agendas, and meeting details by matter for easy retrieval options to make it easier for you and without misplacing anything. Scheduling, hosting, and even archiving all your meetings are possible with Legaler.

Google Meet

Popularity and free availability with an easy and handy meeting joining and creating a facility with which Google Meet has made it achieve the goal which comes to the fact that every other attorney is implementing it in their legal operations for video conferencing. It belongs to the G-Suite family as the name suggests, Google Meet has some outstanding functionalities and it’s very easy to initiate video conferencing calls using just the calendar links, meeting URLs, and phone dial-in numbers with the meetings allowing up to 250 users at a time which is a big number. Not forgetting about the security, it is quite strong as the service requires a hard code to crack a 25-character string for meeting IDs which makes Google Meet a good application for lawyers.

PDF Editor and Viewer


With GoodReader, edit PDF documents in the most convenient way on any of your devices seamlessly without any interruption. It includes everything you need like creating, converting, editing, and annotating your PDF files easily with an intelligent file management system. It also has integrations with top software to make your daily scheduled work even more easygoing with all media file formats supported.


iAnnotate is the fastest way to read, markup, and share PDF files very popular among lawyers. It processes and retains the information with the set of comprehensive tools that it has. You can easily access all your files through any of the integrations you use like OneDrive, Google Docs, etc., and easily convert them all in PDF format from anywhere by making your office paperless.

Legal Research Tools


FastCase helps you swiftly go through your case with the best understanding of legal research tools to make your everyday practice work in a better way. It has the industry-driven tools to make legal research more intuitive and simpler. All over the globe, lawyers, law firms, and bar associations as well trust FastCase for the comprehensive, accessible, and award-winning performance of this software, so it is definitely one of the best picks for your top application needs.

The American Lawyer

This application is filled with award-winning feature legal articles and columns on all aspects of big law, from management to business deals and suits to technology, this is one of the best legal magazines to stay fully updated about all of the legal trends which you might be misinformed about. Readers here have the ability to access ALM’s end-to-end content directly over the desktop, tablet, or even mobile devices. In addition, there is the Law.com app which is available for use on iPad and iPhone to transform the reading experience and research regarding any of the trends to test the trustability of any information.

Time-Tracking and Billing Software


Talking about the handiest and most useful software when it comes to lawyers, time tracking and billing software remains the most important. From affordable pricing to a unique suite of unlimited billing features, CaseFox has it all. UTBMS codes, LEDES formats, comprehensive reporting tools, Integration with QuickBooks, and flexible invoicing, when it comes to each of the important features that a lawyer needs to bill his or her hourly rates with the easy user interface of this legal billing and time tracking software you can track all your time, easily wherever you go with the application. Coming to the end, CaseFox contains all the latest tools to handle your legal billing, invoicing, events, case management, document management, and storage, and many more in one complete software with unbelievable subscription plans to make sure you stay on top when it comes to your legal practice.


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