If you’re anything like Santa, you probably have many things on your list for the holiday season. But holiday stress should not be part of that list. 

The holiday season is here, everyone is decorating houses, there is love, light, and joy in the air. But it can be a stressful time for lawyers. They have to manage their personal and professional life. They have to wrap up work and tie loose ends, but at the same time, they have to wrap gifts for their friends and family. 

“It’s important to remember that although the hustle and bustle of the holidays are upon you, your daily routine should not end. Your everyday practices help to calm and center you, and you will still need them to get through this busy season – Dr. Daisy Sutherland” 

So if you are a lawyer looking for ways to avoid holiday stress, continue reading this blog and explore some of the best holiday stress management tips.


What Can Cause Holiday Stress? 

Holiday stress is becoming common among various individuals. But what is the reason behind holiday stress?

The most common reasons for holiday stress are money and family responsibilities. The holiday season can burn a hole in your pocket for various individuals. They need to attend parties, host parties, send gifts, manage vacations, etc. Managing all these things can be difficult for some individuals. 

Another common cause of holiday stress is less quality time with family. As a lawyer, you have to work even during the holiday season and you might not be able to give your family enough time. Lack of quality time with your family can also cause stress during the holiday season. Too much workload at the end of the year can also cause stress during the holiday season.

6 Tips For Holiday Stress Management

Here are the top 6 tips for handling holiday stress. If you are feeling stressed during this holiday season, make sure to follow these tips: 

Tip 1: Send Quality Time With Family & Friends

Send Quality Time With Family & Friends

The holiday season is a time when you want to take a break and hold back and spend as much time as possible with friends and family. You should plan some activities, outings, and weekend getaways with your family and friends. This will reduce holiday stress and help you rejuvenate. Handling holiday stress can sometimes feel overwhelming, but just having lunch with your family can help you overcome it. So make sure to prioritize some family activities. Going to family lunches and dinners and just being around people you love can help you stay relaxed during the holidays. 

Tip 2: Learn To Say ‘NO’

Don’t try to squeeze in more work than you can handle physically and mentally. You work the whole year around, so it is okay to say ‘NO’ to certain things this time of the year. If something is not so important and it can be done after a certain time period, don’t add it to your holiday list. Delegate your work so that you have some time to enjoy it. You don’t want to feel drained even during the holiday season. So say ‘NO’ to things that aren’t your priority currently.

Tip 3: Stay Organized 

Stay Organized

“The holidays are a wonderful time, but they can quickly become overwhelming if you neglect to plan ahead.” – Dr. Daisy Sutherland
Staying organized is a key to avoiding holiday stress. When you keep track of all your tasks, commitments, deadlines, and important meetings, it helps in avoiding stress and any kind of distractions. Staying organized is also a way of accomplishing most tasks during the holiday season. Make a detailed to-do list. Add important dates and meetings to your digital calendar. You can also use the CaseFox legal calendar to stay organized and manage all your tasks during the holiday season.

Tip 4: Set Realistic Expectations

Set Realistic Expectations

 It is important to set realistic goals and expectations for your holiday season. You can add everything to your holiday list because you also need some with yourself and your family. To avoid holiday stress, only create a to-do list that is realistic. As a lawyer, your to-do list is always growing and changing. But you can put everything on your plate at once. So make sure to focus on more important tasks. If you have a lot of work but it is not a priority, you can make a list of it and work on it after your holiday break.

Tip 5: Simplify Where You Can 

Holidays don’t have to be complicated. You should not feel holiday stress. If you feel overwhelmed, try to limit the number of tasks that you have planned. Make things as simple as possible. For example, if you are feeling overwhelmed by hosting a theme party or Christmas lunch, go for the potluck. It is simple and fun at the same time.

Tip 6: Embrace Self-Care

Embrace Self-Care

Don’t forget to add some ‘me’ time to your holiday calendar. If you want to avoid holiday stress, time is important. Prioritize your mental and physical health and ensure you are taking care of yourself. Take some time to relax and rejuvenate. Meditate, go for a walk, listen to music, or pick up some hobbies. Block some time for yourself, go to a spa, indulge in some shopping, and do things that make you happy. 

“Make the time to go outside or simply take a break from the craziness that surrounds the holiday season.”- Dr. Daisy Sutherland

Parting Thoughts on Holiday Stress 

Don’t strive for perfection during the holiday season, just try to be realistic. You don’t have to do everything at once. Plan things in advance. Take time out for yourself and your family. As a lawyer, you might feel vulnerable to holiday stress because of work, deadlines, meetings, and managing client expectations. But you can follow the above-mentioned tips if you want to avoid holiday stress this season. 


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