It’s important for a law firm to manage tasks like timekeeping, cases management, client management, and various other tasks effectively. As a law firm management software provider, we get hundreds of queries every month regarding the functionality of the software.

What changes will the software bring to a law firm? How will it enhance the effectiveness of my staff? Will it help me generate higher revenues? And the chain of questions goes on. 

Below we have listed some of the major features which will help you analyze the growth areas to enhance your firm’s efficiency & productivity. 

Case Management

A lawyer spends approximately 50-70 hours a week in managing their cases. Imagine having an entity doing all your strenuous tasks of managing piles of documents at a click of a finger.

How about a software that helps reduce your weekly working hours to half or even less? Not only this, it also saves you from the hassle of maintaining endless numbers of files in your office via a smarter approach. Therefore, make sure you choose software that includes smart legal case management

Timekeeping & Expense Management

On a usual working day, lawyers spend approximately 2.5 hours a day working on expenses and timekeeping entries. That counts to almost 1800 hours per year. And why not? TImekeeping is one of the most crucial processes of all. While making a hit list of buying a software keep a few things in mind. The software must include different pricing billing techniques such as hourly rates, fixed fee rates, and hybrid rates. 


Invoicing and billing plays an important role while closing a case. However, lawyers usually face timely issuing while invoicing and timekeeping. To have a better workflow, one must look for a software offering time saving techniques and easy invoicing management. The software must also provide services of automated invoicing and mailing to save time. 


In order to understand the efficiency and profitability of your practice, you need to track the firm’s progress in real time. For doing so you need to consider the software that allows you to generate reports on a daily basis, giving you a quick view of the time billed every day. You should also be getting daily reports on your timekeepers, time billed, the amount received, etc. 

Choosing a law firm management software is a difficult task especially when you’re looking for a perfect match. Though we have listed a few features to keep in view there are few more you must consider. Features such as Conflict Check, Client Intake Forms, Ledger Management, Client Portal, etc.

We at CaseFox understand the difficulties attorneys and law firms face during legal practice. Henceforth, we offer our clients with a full-fledged solution to delegate their tasks on our software. We at CaseFox, offer an application focusing on all the things a law firm requires to work efficiently. 

Whether you are a solo practitioner or well-established law firm, we have a law firm management solution for one and for all. We specialize in genres like case management, client management, timekeeping & expense management, staff management, and much more. 

Need more information on choosing the right law firm software? Feel free to get in touch with us 24*7.


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