When it comes to promoting their legal services, the legal sector is no longer what it once was. With the existing technology trend, traditional approaches are almost ineffective. You need to advertise your law practice on the appropriate platform in order to attract the correct kind of potential clients and connect with your target market. You need the correct techniques and tools to distinguish yourself in a crowded field of law firms and establish yourself as a top-tier source of legal services. Digital marketing for lawyers has its benefits, but it can be challenging to grasp the best practices and put them into practice. The trick is knowing where and how to begin.

LinkedIn is an American employment-oriented service provider owned by Microsoft. LinkedIn is a social networking platform for professionals worldwide. LinkedIn is a professional networking site where clients and employees create professional ties. With over 660 million users and 9 million businesses, LinkedIn is a growing professional community. In this blog, we discuss how law firms can benefit from LinkedIn advertisements.

Lawyers cannot solely depend on referrals as a source of new clients. Any business/firm has to advertise and market its unique services. Advertising through LinkedIn can help law firms with precisely targeted messaging, this means that lawyers can develop new leads in their niche target audience. 

So what are LinkedIn ads? 

LinkedIn Ads, as the name implies, are paid advertisements posted on LinkedIn. The three basic categories of LinkedIn advertising can be tailored to almost any target or goal. Your goals must be well defined if you want to succeed with LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn ads: what types are available? 

You probably encounter these typical advertisements on your own social media feeds. Even when it comes to Linkedin advertising for law firms, there are multiple kinds of ads you may run that will appear on users’ LinkedIn newsfeeds. These consist of:

1. Conversation Ads: These are direct communications with your clients, much like InMail.

2. Message Ads: While a prospect is online, messages are sent to their active LinkedIn Messaging experience.

3. Video Ads: Video advertisements are an alluring approach to attract the attention of your target market.

4. Text Ads: You might see these in the sidebar on your own LinkedIn homepage.

5. Carousel Ads: These are the most visually appealing methods to attract your audience’s attention, just like video ads.

6. Dynamic Ads: Based on each member’s individual LinkedIn profile information, these are highly personalized ads that are suited to them.

Different social media platforms

How do you run an ad campaign on LinkedIn? 

To start a LinkedIn ad campaign, you need a company page. You probably already have one, if not you can easily set up a company page through LinkedIn. After setting up your company page follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Select an Appealing ad Objective 

The ad objective gives your campaign a direction, this objective will affect the entire campaign from budgeting to ad format. Firms should know what objectives they are trying to achieve by advertising your firm. It can be to build brand awareness, get leads, hire new talents, etc. It’s also important to keep your goals quantifiable, which makes it easier to track your progress and eliminate any shortcomings.

2. Determine your Law Firm’s Advertising Budget

Budgeting for LinkedIn advertising does not have to be complicated or time-consuming. That’s the charm of online ads, even a little goes a long way. LinkedIn advertising requires a $10 minimum daily spend. This $10 minimum applies to all ad forms. LinkedIn experts suggest starting with just $25 as a preset budget for individuals new to advertising on the platform. You can make adjustments as you go by gradually testing campaigns in $25 increments. After all, it serves no use to spend your money before you have even discovered what works for your law firm. 

3. Identify your Target Audience

Setting a quantifiable target is essential to the success of any campaign. Once your goal is clear, you may build off of it by identifying your target market.

The target audience is the ideal LinkedIn user who you want to see your ad. Who do you envision perusing their phone or working at their desk while your advertisement appears? Make sure you know who to pursue. If you are able to be as specific as possible, that would be ideal. Developing thorough customer personas, if you don’t already have them, will help all of your marketing initiatives, particularly your LinkedIn advertising.

Audiences can be targeted based on location, company connection, age demographics, job experience, interests, etc.

Gaining audience through giving a presentation

4. Develop a LinkedIn ad

We have advertisements floating all around us. From our smartphones, and TVs to billboards we are surrounded by advertisements. Which makes it even more important to stand out and catch the attention of prospective new clients. You can develop unique and catchy ads by using high-quality content with images or videos, headlines, and intro. Be sure to include a call to action (CTA). CTA refers to the use of words or phrases that can be included in sales scripts, advertising messages, or websites and persuade an audience to behave in a certain way. All Ads must have a company link that takes the viewer to the next step. This could be a free consultation, discount offers, newsletter, etc.

5. Set Up your Campaign Budget

When you book a campaign, you will be asked to provide a bid, budget, and schedule. You have control over your spending thanks to these three things.You can choose to put up a bid that promotes your campaign objective when creating a LinkedIn campaign for your law firm. Staying in control of your spending is simple with the budget options of daily, lifetime, and a blend of both. Campaigns also follow ongoing and predefined timelines. The scheduling tool will help you establish a start and end date for your campaign.

Calculating budget and estimating the final financial result 

6. Optimize your LinkedIn Advertisement for Lawyers

As your campaign picks up pace, you’ll be able to analyze which images respond better and which CTA’s get the most hits. Moreover, you can also discontinue your low-performing campaigns. With optimization tools law firms can gain insight into website visitor behavior and conversion rates. 

Advantages of using LinkedIn ad campaigns for lawyers

1. Running ads

You can run advertisements on a potential client’s LinkedIn feed by using sponsored content. These advertisements are mobile-friendly and can be displayed on any device. You can track which ads are effective and which are not using LinkedIn’s, Insight Tag. You may track conversion rates and monitor results using the insight tag. Based on your findings, you can utilize this data to tweak your target audience or customize your adverts, ensuring the maximum ROI.

2. Send Personalized Messages to Prospective Clients

With LinkedIn you can send personalized messages to prospective clients with sponsored InMail. Messages are sent via LinkedIn messenger. You may use Sponsored InMail to expand your community, promote your company, invite industry experts to webinars and events, and more. You can use InMail to target potential customers based on their hobbies, affiliations with groups, occupations, titles, etc. Each communication has a unique call to action button that makes it simple for prospective customers to access the content you are providing them. Campaigns are inexpensive, and simple to start up and track.

3. Text Advertisement

Without the burden of a contract, text advertisements give lawyers the chance to design original ads for a targeted, professional audience. You can establish your budget for pay-per-click platforms like text adverts. LinkedIn enables you to track your leads and conversion rates with basic, easy-to-understand insights.

4. High Conversion Rates 

Because LinkedIn can show your advertising to decision-makers in your field, it can increase the lead-to-conversion rate for you. The platform caters to professionals, therefore its audience tends to be of higher quality. 

5. Promote your Product or Service 

With LinkedIn ads, you can promote your legal service and get useful insights about your clients.

6. Track Profile Visits

Your ads will obviously generate viewers and direct contacts throughout your profile. LinkedIn’s integrated statistics software makes it easy to track these actions. 

7. Sync your Social Media Accounts

LinkedIn facilitates easy integration between different social platforms like Instagram and Facebook. It can assist you in generating additional content for your socials and increase your reach on both platforms. 

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LinkedIn advertising for law firms is a reasonably low-cost, targeted approach to attracting potential clients, even though it involves extensive planning. Aside from the significant ROI, it’s simple to pause, change, and improve ads and is highly trackable.

Attorneys who exclusively use LinkedIn to maintain their professional profile may be missing out given these possibilities. There are numerous opportunities to reach potential customers without having to invest in costly marketing initiatives. The chances for your business to develop will only rise as Microsoft continues to combine features from the two organizations.


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