Terms and Conditions – Switch to CaseFox 50% Off Program

  1. The offer is valid for 2 years from the date of subscription.
  1. To be eligible for the offer, users must have an existing software account
  2. Account creation will be validated based on the registration email ID associated with the existing software.
  3. To receive the discount code, users must submit the required form on the CaseFox website.
  4. After adding the card details, users’ registered accounts on CaseFox will automatically receive a 50% discount without the need for any additional discount code.
  5. The discount is applicable only for new subscriptions to CaseFox and cannot be applied retroactively or combined with any other offers.
  6. CaseFox reserves the right to verify the accuracy and validity of the information provided by users.
  7. CaseFox reserves the right to modify or terminate the offer at any time without prior notice.
  8. The offer is subject to the terms and conditions of CaseFox’s subscription agreement.
  9. CaseFox reserves the right to refuse the offer to any user who violates the terms and conditions or engages in fraudulent activities.
  10. Any personal information collected during the offer will be handled in accordance with CaseFox’s privacy policy.
  11. These terms and conditions are subject to change and users are encouraged to review them regularly.
  12. For any questions or concerns regarding the offer, users can contact CaseFox customer support.