Terms and Conditions Podcast

  1. This is a non-paid campaign and CaseFox is not liable for any payments.
  2. The Podcast and its associated content are the property of CaseFox or its licensors.
  3. The Co-Hosts grant CaseFox the right to use, modify, and distribute the Podcast and associated content for promotional purposes.
  4. The Co-Hosts will keep any non-public information shared by CaseFox confidential.
  5. Confidential information shall not be disclosed to third parties without written consent from CaseFox.
  6. The Co-Hosts acknowledge the importance of protecting CaseFox’s reputation and agree not to make any statements or engage in any actions that could negatively impact the image, brand, or reputation of CaseFox, its employees, or partners.
  7. Co-Hosts cannot sell CaseFox’s podcast or list it on podcast directories for monetary benefit.
  8. This podcast discusses worthy Legal Tech and related conversations with insights and varying perspectives, Co-Hosts should abide by it.
  9. CaseFox’s podcast can only be co-hosted by its customers who have subscribed to CaseFox’s paid plan or by invitation only.

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