How To Generate LEDES (LEDES 1998B, LEDES XML2.0) Invoices using CaseFox Legal Billing Software

(these instructions also apply to Advocator ESIS format invoices. LitigationAdvisor also supported.)

What is LEDES? The Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard is an electronically billing file format. LEDES file format is typically used by law firms for billing, if required by one of their clients. It is abbreviated LEDES and is usually pronounced as "leeds".

LEDES billing could be tedious. But CaseFox makes it easy (perhaps the easiest among all). In fact, other than entering a few additional pieces of information (such as law firm id, client matter id), no additional steps are required to generate LEDES invoices. CaseFox further simplifies the process by allowing you to generate LEDES invoices for all cases/clients with one click and then download all generated files in a zip. Multiple LEDES files for a same client can be combined in one file so that there is only one file to upload to your client's billing system. CaseFox also supports LEDES validation for specific client billing rules. For example, a client may specify certain activity codes that can be or cannot be used with certain task codes. Invoice will be rejected by client's system if these validation rules are not followed. CaseFox can enforce proper validation of time entries according to client's requirements. CaseFox also allows custom task/activity/expense codes.

CaseFox comes preconfigured with ABA task and activity codes. Custom codes can be added easily and preconfigured lists can be extended with ease. CaseFox LEDES features go beyond anyone else in the industry. You can configure validation rules to ensure proper codes are used by staff in time/expense entries to prevent invoices being rejected by your clients billing systems.

A LEDES format invoice (including ABA task and activity codes) is automatically generated when you create an invoice (and can be downloaded from Dashboard or from the listing of invoices in Invoices tab of client or case - simply click on the LEDES icon next to PDF and Word icons). LEDES invoice file is a text file that can be uploaded to your client's electronic billing system. See Getting Started for instructions for generating invoices. CaseFox also generates invoices in various other formats such as PDF, Word, Juris and ESIS Advocator. LEDES invoices generated by CaseFox can be uploaded to client's billing management system such as TyMetrix 360. CaseFox can also generate LEDES files suitable for Serengeti LEDES SpeedPost Upload. Bulk download of invoices also supported to help you save time. With CaseFox, generating and downloading invoices for a large number of cases take only a few minutes. CaseFox can also generate separate LEDES invoices for fees and expenses.

To generate valid LEDES 1998B invoices, please ensure:

1. In client details, Law Firm ID field is filled. A Law Firm ID is your firm's identification (e.g., your tax id) in your client's legal billing software. If you export time/expense entries to an external system (e.g., Juris), enter client ID from Juris system here.

NOTE ABOUT CLIENT ID (column 3 in LEDES files): LEDES 1998B standards require every line item to include a unique client id that represents the client that is being billed. System automatically generates this unique ID for each client and the generated ID remains the same for all matters of a particular client. However, some billers require a custom client ID in stead of the autogenerated unique client id. To enter a custom client ID (provided by your billing counterpart/client), under Client Details/Edit tab of the client, please replace the client id in Client ID field.

2. In Case Details, Client Matter ID field is filled. A Client Matter ID is the identification (e.g., matter id or case reference number) of the case in your client's billing system. Also, if you enter the case description, this text will be used as "Invoice Description" in LEDES invoices of this case. If the case description is left blank, "Client Name/Case Name" will be used as "Invoice Description." If you export time/expense entries to an external system (e.g., Juris) for billing, enter Matter Id from Juris in this field. FOR LEDES 1998B ONLY: If for a same matter you have a different client matter id for expense entries, you may enter Client Matter Id like this : client_matter_id_for_fee_entries-EXP-client_matter_id_for_expense_entries.

3. In Add Note (Time/Expense), use appropriate ABA UTBMS codes. Please note, for most expense items, the task code should be left blank.

4. To generate LEDES XML2.0 format invoices, in addition to the above instructions, please click on "LEDES Settings" button under "Client Details/Edit" tab to enter additional required information about tax. Only simple LEDES XML2.0 format is supported. Only one tax per client per jurisdiction and hourly rate billing are supported.