Enter Time via Text/SMS into your CaseFox® Account

In continuation of our effort to provide innovative and easy to use features to simplify your timekeeping and invoicing tasks, our SMS Timekeeping Add-On enables you to enter your time into your CaseFox account via Text/SMS messages. Now no more lost revenues due to missed timekeeping. Use your iPhone, Android or any mobile phone to log your billable time. You can simply send a text message to CaseFox in a simple specific format and the time note will be automatically entered into your account. Even better, you can save abbreviations (under Settings of your CaseFox account) and use them in these text messages.

No changes to your account are needed except one. You will need to enter phone numbers of your staff (under the Staff tab in your CaseFox account). These phone numbers must be the numbers from which these staff members will be sending SMS messages to CaseFox. We will identify the user and your account by these phone numbers when we receive text messages. These phone numbers will not be used for any other purposes. Phone number to send these text messages will be shown when this service is subscribed.

Subscribing to CaseFox SMS Timekeeping Add-On is easy. Login to your account and click on Settings/Tools/Reports->Payment Options. After saving your credit card information, scroll down to the bottom of the page to subscribe. Only $5/month (for the whole firm)[note that this price is in addition to your regular subscription. This Add-On service can be subscribed/canceled at anytime independent of your regular subscription]. 15 day free trial. Further instructions on Dashboard and the subscription page. Please contact us should have further questions.

Note: This feature may also be used for recording mental notes in your CaseFox account. Simply send the note via SMS. System will record under unfiled message on the Dashboard for your later recollection. No specific format needs to be followed.

Note: At present we only have US phone numbers for sending these timekeeping text messages. However, we may add European numbers based on local demand.