Vendor Management/Account Payable

In addition to timekeeping and invoicing features, CaseFox can also be used for maintaining and managing your vendor data, vendor invoices and payments. Accounts payable is money owed by you to your vendors. CaseFox keeps track of your account receivable and account payable. Yearly account payable and receivable data is shown on Dashboard too and is updated in real time. In Vendor Management screen, enter vendor invoices as they are received (for example, a deposition court reporter's invoice). Record a payment against vendor invoice(s) by clicking on "Record Payment" link for each vendor invoice. If a vendor invoice is for a service related to a case and is billable to your client, remember to bill your client through normal expense entries and sending invoice.

Payments made to vendors are automatically entered into Income Expense Ledger. You can obtain your firm's profit/loss figures in real time by click on "Ledger" tab.