How to Import Client List into CaseFox®

You may import your client list from other systems into CaseFox®. CaseFox can import from your Google contact list. In addition, CaseFox® supports import through a CSV file or vCards.
(see also Importing Data From Other Systems)

Importing from Google Contacts

1. Login to your CaseFox account. Go to "Settings/Tools/Reports" -> "Google Settings".

2. Use the button to link to your Google Contacts and Calendar. Screen will redirect to Google for permissions. Grant permission to CaseFox.

3. On the left side menu bar, click on "Import Clients."

4. A pop-up will list your Google Contacts (only the ones that have street address information). Select one more more contacts and click on the button on the pop-up to create import contacts and create clients in CaseFox.

Importing from Quickbooks Online

1. Login to your CaseFox account. Go to "Settings/Tools/Reports" -> "Import Clients/Contacts".

2. Click on Connect To QB button. Screen will redirect to Intuit for permissions. Grant permission to CaseFox.

3. Click on Import from Quickbooks Online button."

Import QuickBooks IIF File with CUST! entries

1. Export your client list in CSV/IIF file format from QuickBooks or other programs that are capable of exporting client list in IIF format. After exporting, run Microsoft Excel and open the IIF file. Excel will show a data format conversion dialog box. Click Finish with default settings. Then in Excel, click on Save As and in file type select CSV type and save.

2. In CaseFox, click on "Settings/Tools/Reports" and then select Import Clients option on the left side menu bar. Select the exported file and click on Upload. If the file is in correct format, a list of clients will be displayed. Verify data and click on "create clients" button just above the displayed to be imported data table.

Import using Excel/CSV or vCard - Prepare file (version 3.0)

1. Export your client list in Excel file format from another software (if CSV or XLS, open the CSV or XLS file in Excel and do a SaveAs to XLSX format). If the system display file read error, the file may be protected. Please make a copy by doing SaveAs in Excel into XLSX format.

Using vCards - Many software applications (e.g., MS Outlook, Google Mail, etc.) also allows exporting contacts as vCards. If the application supports vCard export, you may export more than one contacts in one vCard file and use the vCard file, instead of CSV or XLS file, to import your contacts/clients into CaseFoxTM. Prior to exporting vCard file, ensure that the all contacts include email and postal addresses.

2. (Skip this step if using vCard file) Make sure that the first row of the spreadsheet in your Excel file contains column headers (e.g., First Name, Last Name).

3. (Skip this step if using vCard file) First Name and Last Name are required columns.

4. (Skip this step if using vCard file) Client's Email column is also needed. However, if not provided (or if provided but not all clients have emails), your email will be used.

Import the formatted file into your Casefox account

1. Login to your CaseFox® account.
2. Click on "Settings/Reports" link on the right top corner.
3. Click on "Import Clients from File". On the right side panel, click on "Choose File." Pick your Excel or vCard file and click Ok.

4. Click on "Upload File."

5. If the vCard file was formatted correctly, a table will be displayed on the screen. The table will include a default header (field names) and the header retrieved from the file. Verify that the header sequence retrieved from the file matches with the default header sequence.

6. If importing from an Excel file, a column mapping screen will be shown so that the system knows the details of data contained in your Excel file.

7. If there are inconsistencies in the displayed data, make necessary changes in the Excel file and repeat steps 2 to 8.

8. If the table is displaying the data correctly, click on the Create Clients link below the table. Clients will not be created in your account until this button is pressed.

Note: If you are having difficulty importing client list, please email the CSV/XLS/vCard file to service(at)

from your registered email. We will attempt to import client list into your account.

Automatic Update

If same client list is imported again, client information is updated instead of creating new entries in the CaseFox client list. Therefore, no two entries with the same First Name, Last Name, Company and Email are created.