Setup Staff's Different Hourly Rates For Clients/Cases

CaseFox allows you to setup different hourly rates for a client/case (project). If you do not set different hourly rates for a client/case, your and your staff's global hourly rates are automatically used for calculating billiable amounts. Because the hourly rates can also be set at case (project) level, you can bill different cases of a same client at different rates. For example, a litigation matter for a client may be billed at different rates from a simple transactional matter.

To set up different hourly rates for a client , click on the Clients tab on the top of the page. In the left panel, select a desired client. On the right side panel, click on "Hourly Rates" tab. Click on the Edit link to enter a new rate. Click Update.

To set up different hourly rates for a case (project) , click on the Cases (Projects) tab on the top of the page. In the left panel, select a desired case. On the right side panel, click on "Staff Access/Rates" tab. Check the checkbox in front of a staff name. An "Edit" link will appear. Click on that link to enter a new rate. Click Update. This process will accomplish two things, first, if the selected staff is not an administrator, the selected staff will now have access to this case (administrators have access to all cases automatically). Second, a new hourly rate (only for this case) for the selected staff will be set.

Fix fees/Fee Cap are also supported for cases (projects). You may enter the fix fee amount during a case creation or editing. The system will keep track of your billable amounts and notify you once you exceed the entered fixed fee amount. In "Edit Case" screen, you may enter a cap fee/fix fee amount and also indicate if this amount includes cost (if not, fix fee will apply only to labor, expenses will be additional). If the billed amount exceeds entered fix fee amount, CaseFox will automatically calculate a discount during invoice creation for the case.

Flat Fee Billing Items are also supported time entries. In time entry screen, enter hours and then overwrite the automatically calculated amount in "total cost" box. This entry on invoice will show hours and "changed" amount. If you skip entering time and enter an amount in "total cost" box, the entry will show a caption "Flat" on invoice.

Changing Old Time Entries After Changing Staff Hourly Rate For A Case

Ideally, you should set staffs' hourly rates for a case prior to start entering time for the case. If no case specific hourly rates are set for a particular staff, staff's global hourly rates will be used for billing calculations in time entries.

After entering a few time entries, suppose you set a new hourly rates for a case, the old entries will not be automatically changed to reflect the new time. This is done intentionally to handle a scenario in which your client negotiates a new rate in the middle of the case and you still like to bill the client at old rates for the work already done.

To change old time entries to reflect new rates, simply click on the "Edit" button next to a selected time entry, click inside the "Tenth Hours" box and re-enter the same value in the box. The amount in the "Total Cost" box will show an amount according to the new rate. Save.