Managing Case Documents Easily Using Your Own Dropbox, Box or Google Drive Accounts

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CaseFox® seamlessly integrates with DropboxTM to enable smooth and convenient case document management. The documents are uploaded securely in user's own (or firm's ) Dropbox account. CaseFox uses DropBox authentication tokens, hence CaseFox will not ask or store your Dropbox user name and password. If you do not have a Dropbox account, SIGN UP FOR FREE. Dropbox currently offers 2GB+ cloud storage for FREE. Of course, if you already have a higher capacity Dropbox account, you can use that up to account's max capacity via CaseFox.

Note: If your firm has multiple users, the admin should login to CaseFox®, select a case, click on the "Documents" tab on the right side pane and click on "Upload to Dropbox" button. The pop-up window will redirect to Dropbox secure site for authentication. Once successfully authenticated, Dropbox will ask for your permission to allow access to CaseFox. Once "Allow" button is clicked, the set up process is finished and other users in the firm can then upload/view documents. Note that CaseFox will not have access to any other folders than Apps/CaseFox folder (which will be created automatically by CaseFox). CaseFox will also create subfolders with random number suffixes and case name. Your case documents will be displayed in the "Documents" tab of a selected case. Documents can be downloaded by clicking on the link. Documents may also be deleted. You may also copy documents directly in your Dropbox case folder (using Dropbox desktop client or Dropbox Web interface) [in your Dropbox folder either in your desktop file system or via Dropbox Web interface, browse to Apps/casefox folder and find appropriate case folder. Please do not remove case random number from the folder name]. These documents will show up in CaseFox.

Similarly CaseFox® seamlessly integrates with and Google DriveTM to enable smooth and convenient case document management. In Case -> Documents, buttons are provided to upload documents Dropbox and GoogleDocs. Case documents in Dropbox and GoogleDocs are also listed in the case documents pane.

Dropbox Integration

You already have your case notes, billing and case information maintained in CaseFox. CaseFox can now automatically upload your case documents to your own Dropbox account securely. These documents will be displayed in "Documents" tab for each case.

Manual File Copying Instructions: After login to your CaseFox account, click on "Cases (Projects)" tab. Select a case on the left bar. Click on Documents tab on the right side. Click on Upload to Dropbox button. First time when this button is clicked (for any case), you will be required to login to your Dropbox account. When you upload a document, CaseFox will create a unique folder for the selected case in your Dropbox (under /Apps/CaseFox in your Dropbox folder structure). The folder name will include case name and a unique ID. You may then copy other files directly to this folder in Dropbox (or upload via CaseFox). CaseFox will show all files stored in this folder when the Documents tab for a case is selected. In summary, the case specific folder must be first created by CaseFox, after that you can go directly to the folder in Dropbox to copy more files. Same process for Google Drive. Hope this helps.

Automatic Backup to Dropbox

CaseFox automatically generates a daily backup file consisting of your month to date time and trust entries. At the month end, many other types of data is included in the backup file. This file is emailed to you. However, if you link your Dropbox account to your CaseFox account, the backup file will be transparently copied to /Apps/CaseFox/Backup folder in your Dropbox.