User Roles Explained

1. Administrator: Full access. Initial user always remains an administrator. Other users may be created and assigned "administrator" role.

2. Contract Staff (Show Amounts): User of this role type can enter time/expenses in specifically assigned case(s). This type of user will not see any other data except his own time/expense entries including amounts.

3. Normal Staff: User of this type can see his/her tasks, enter and view his/her own time/expenses (including amounts), view client and case information of specifically assigned cases.

4. Contract Staff (Do Not Show Amounts): Same as Contract Staff (Show Amounts) except no billable hourly amounts (even corresponding to his own time entries) will be shown. This will allows a firm to hide a contract staff's billable rates that the firm would be charging to its clients from the contract staff.

5. Office Secretary: Same as Normal Staff but can view all clients/cases/notes and to add/edit clients and cases and perform many other operations including entering time entries for other users, creating invoices, etc. This role is customizable by an admin role user.