Frequently Asked Questions

What other steps do I need to complete after registering?

After signing up, at your convenience, please visit Settings/Tools/Reports, then select Edit Business Info option to enter your firm's name, address, time zone, etc. You may also connect your account to your Google account by vising Google Sync options. While you are on the Setting page, please explore various settings and reporting features. You should also click on the Staff tab to enter your default hourly rates and add other members of firms to the system. Please click on the Tour and Demo link on CaseFox home page to get started. You may search in Google for keywords if your need more information on a specific topic. Simply add "CaseFox" to the search query in Google. You can also send us an email. We typically respond within 10-15 minutes.

You will receive a verification email after signing up. After you confirm your email, you are all set to start using Casefox.

Will I be getting pesky sales call after signing up?

Absolutely not.

You may receive occasional emails from us. We will be contacting you from time to time to let you know about new features, tips/tricks, promotional offers, etc. However, the frequency of these emails is generally one email in 4 weeks (unless something urgent comes up related to your account). You may also "Like" our Facebook page to receive product feature updates.

What does it mean by "CaseFox is a multi-user system"?

CaseFox enables you to create separate logins for your staff members and contract employees. You can assign different types of roles when you create these users to limit what they can see and do. You can disable/enable/delete these accounts. Please visit User Roles Explained for more information on user roles. This way, staff members and contract staff can enter their own time/expense.

Is there a time restriction for the free account?

No, you can keep using your free account until you exceed the case/user limits.

Does the free plan come with less features?

No. From features point of view, the free plan is exactly the same as any paid plan (except number of users and cases).

How to I upgrade to a paid plan?

The system will alert you when you exceed the free plan case/user limits and will guide you to the payment page. You may also visit "Settings/Tools/Reports -> Payment Options" to upgrade to a paid plan. We offer monthly and yearly subscription plans. We accept major credit cards and PayPal. Once subscribed to a paid plan, the monthly (or yearly) subscription fees will be automatically charged to your payment method until the account is closed.

Do I need to install any software on my computer?

No. However, if order to view PDF invoices that CaseFox generates, you will need the free PDF viewer (even without this viewer, you can still generate and email pdf invoices to your clients through CaseFox).

Can I export my client list?

Yes. You will find the export client link on the dashboard. You may also export all time tracking and expense data.

I can't figure out how to use CaseFox

Ease of use was our primary design criteria when we designed CaseFox. Please visit Getting Started for instructions. If this page doesn't answer all your questions, we would love to get an email/phone call from you. We are always looking for feedback from our clients so we can continue improving CaseFox.

I have other questions

Please send us an . During normal business hours, you may also call us at 408-634-4141.