How To Edit Invoice

An invoice can be edited simply by editing corresponding notes (time/expense entries) by going to "Cases (Projects)" -> selecting the case belonging to the invoice. Alternatively, the invoice may be deleted and recreated. After editing one or more notes that were previously added to the invoice, simply download the invoice again. No other action is needed.

Time/Expense entries included in the invoice cannot be removed from the invoice. If there is a need to remove a time/expense entry from the invoice, edit note and uncheck "Show in Invoice" checkbox and save. This entry can be put back in the invoice by editing the note again and checking "Show in Invoice" box.

If client, case or firm information has been changed, the new information is automatically updated in invoices. After updating information, simply download new invoice PDF/Word document.

Please delete the invoice and recreate if a note (time/expense entry) needs to be deleted from the invoice or VAT/tax information need to be updated.

Invoice Date may be changed by clicking on Invoice Date in the listing of invoices in Cases (Projects) or Clients tabs. [To avoid any unintended consequences do not set invoice date of an invoice prior to dates of any prior invoices in that case. Also, any payments against any invoice should be dated after the invoice date.]

Adding/Altering Discount ** Please do not alter discount if tax is being charged. Instead, delete the invoice and recreate **. Discount may be added (or altered) to an invoice by clicking on View Invoice icon view, then entering a new discount on the simplistic invoice view screen.

Pre Bill CaseFox is designed to be simple and straight forward. CaseFox handles pre-billing differently to avoid repetitive actions and keep the interface simple. Generate invoices as usual and use the first version as pre-bill. On the Dashboard, in the listing of invoices, you may uncheck the "Final" checkbox to indicate that the invoice is a "Draft". The checkbox should be checked after invoice is edited or if the invoice is ready to be sent to the client. If changes are needed after a review of an invoice, simply edit the invoice and download the invoice in desired format again. The downloaded PDF invoice will show "DRAFT INVOICE" caption if the Final flag is not set.

Invoices are generated with "Final" flag set. If you desire to have your invoices generated with "Final" flag set to false, please send us an email.