Make your every moment productive with CaseFox Chrome Extension

Manage your time entry with Casefox chrome extension, The extension eliminates the need to login in casefox for any new entry of note (time/expense ) in your account. You can perform this operation from chrome extension without entering in casefox portal.

Installation & Add to your browser.

Click here to open Chrome extension store in your chrome browser , Click to "Add to Chrome" button for add extension to your browser

Casefox on chrome toolbar.

When Added, See the small Icon of Casefox on chrome toolbar

Use Casefox Credentials

Click on "Casefox" icon in your browser and login to extension using the casefox credentails

On Add note screen , you can start enter time/expense entry.

  • You can search and select the case from the list and Select Staff
  • For Time entry Auto Calculation based on selected Case,Staff and time entered As a Tenth hours, you can change the total amount.
  • For Expense entry Auto Calculation based on Quantity & Unit , you can change the total amount.
  • You can perform Normal entry, Free Entry or Flat rate entry