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CaseFox® has been cited by the media as a feature rich and easy to use legal billing software. CaseFox can also be used for tracking cases/projects and people working on these cases/projects. Multiple people working on a case/project can log their time and activities using their own logins. A case manager (e.g., a project lead or firm partner) can view the data entered by individuals in real time and can readily find out the activities and hours worked by individual members of the team. Proper roles and access can be assigned to limit users to have access to only the cases they are assigned to. Different billable rates may be configured for users for different cases/projects. Based on this time/expense tracking data, invoices (PDF, Word and LEDES) can be generated painlessly. CaseFox also includes rule based calendaring, task management, conflict check, phone log, income-expense ledger and bulk invoice generation.

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Nevrivy Patent Law Group P.L.L.C.

"Our firm has been using CaseFox now for a few months, to accommodate the needs of one of our clients who requested LEDES compliant invoices. However, we have been so pleased with CaseFox that we have migrated all of our timekeeping/invoicing over to this platform for all of our clients. The user interface is easy to operate, and there are several features which have improved our timekeeping, invoicing and payment tracking efficiency. We recommend the service."

Albite Law Group

"The company I work for needed a timekeeping/billing system and we came across Casefox on the Google apps. We are extremely pleased. The system is very fast to work with and it was super easy to learn. Most importantly, we are very pleased with their customer service. We have asked for many small changes to meet our needs and they immediately responded. Thank you!"

Small Firm

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When I graduated law school and waiting to sit the bar, I was tasked with bringing the records and billing process for my mother's practice into the 21st century. After screwing around with a lot of very expensive options, I opted to use (an online solution) to organize record keeping, invoicing, and billing for a 2 attorney immigration practice serving about 400 clients a year. The downsides: * It is purely on line, so you have to be OK keeping records in the cloud.
The interface does not display well on small screens
It can be a bit clunky to customize
But the advantages were more than enough to make those downsides worthwhile:

Price - it was one of the cheapest services I considered, by far.
Flexibility - Although it can be difficult to customize, once you get the hang of it, you are able to customize it to do almost anything you want.
Customer Service - best I've ever seen. I requested a change in the software platform, and they rolled the change out within 48 hours to satisfy a single customer.
Ease of use: Once you have it set up the way you want, it is dead simple to use. I was able to train our staff to use it just by showing them the tutorials. After about a week of working with it, it was running very smoothly.
Information retrieval - It was very easy to use the software to track the progress of a case, produce invoices, track billing, and keep account records for clients. It can also be used to export data to produce form letters, but that takes a bit more work.
Dropbox/Google Docs Integration: It integrates with Dropbox and Google Docs, so I was able to set it up to track all of my client records in cloud storage.

An Attorney In Medium Size Firm

I'll make sure to let the Attorneys know how awesome and user friendly this program is!

Brettin Law Offices PLLC

Brettin Law recommends CaseFox.

Lone Star Investigations

"You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for your outstanding response to this issue. I am a new user to your service and thus far beyond satisfied. I believe too many people only complain about bad service and never praise good service, the old no one cares unless its broke adage. I will definitely be sure to recommend you guys to all of my colleagues. "

FeeMyApp Review

"One of the best things about this time tracking application is it's ease of use. It's clean and clear interface make it a much more user-friendly affair for your staff members leading to better billing and accounting methods."

Legal News Bulletin

"CaseFox lives on the other side of the legal business from complex and expensive software systems. A simple system designed for individuals and smaller offices, CaseFox has a mobile-friendly interface, and can, among other things, track both billable and non-billable hours and expenses, monitor unbilled hours, late payments and handle trust accounting, tasks management and case notes/case tracking. It also integrates into email. Small version is free, pay version is not expensive."

"If you are looking to start up or change an existing system, take a look at CaseFox. It might be the animal for you."

"An application that is aimed both at law firms and freelance lawyers, CaseFox makes it easy to invoice clients accurately by tracking the hours that are spent on any case."

"Si la facturación que realizas se basa en las horas que inviertes en el desarrollo de un trabajo, Casefox es una herramienta que tienes que tener en cuenta."


"CaseFox's developers assumed that lawyers track their time in different ways ranging from paper to timers to automatic time capture programs. Thus, instead of creating time-tracking tools, the developers instead focused on making time and expense entry and bill creation as efficient as possible..."