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1. User Friendly Interface 2. Best of the class features at the most competitive price 3. Combines Timekeeping, Invoicing, Calendaring, Document and Case Management (including conflict check)

Criminal Justice Act (CJA) Time and Billing Software

This functionality has been discontinued. CaseFox now generates invoices in PDF, Word, HTML, LEDES 1998B, LitigationAdvisor/GreatAmerican, ESIS Advocator formats.

CaseFox® Timekeeping, Billing, Trust Accounting, Calendaring and Case Management Software is designed to help attorneys, virtual firms, accountants and other professionals (such as freelancers, contractors, etc.) with their timekeeping, invoicing, trust accounting, time tracking, case tracking and client billing needs. CaseFox can track both billable and non-billable hours and expenses, monitor unbilled hours, late payments and handle trust accounting, case documents and case notes. CaseFox even handles income expense accounting, conflict checks, discovery tracking/docketing, fee splitting rules and abbreviation assisted time entries.
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