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Legal payment software Integration CaseFox

Get Paid Faster with LawPay’s simple and easy-to-use online payment technology.

CaseFox on LawPay

Simple, secure online payments through LawPay

LawPay provides easy-to-use payment solutions that take the work out of getting paid. From sending payment requests and tracking payments to protecting your IOLTA account and integrating with your favorite legal software product—LawPay has you covered. 

LawPay is powering payments for the legal industry for more than a decade. Its online payment technology has been trusted to help law firms get paid easier, more securely, and 39% faster. More importantly, LawPay ensures your firm accepts payments in compliance with ABA and IOLTA guidelines.

The ultimate efficiency of payments in practice management software.

CaseFox presents valuable features such as timekeeping, invoicing, and case management. Now with LawPay, accept online payments directly within the CaseFox platform – eliminating the need to juggle several programs. Take the next step towards a more profitable practice using CaseFox and LawPay together, accept online payments from your clients via CaseFox client portals. Payments made by your clients through their dedicated CaseFox client portal pages go directly to your LawPay or PayPal accounts. CaseFox does not charge any processing fees for these payments. However, PayPal and LawPay will charge processing fees for each payment.

CaseFox provides seamless integration with PayPal, Xero, and Quickbooks with CaseFox

LawPay Integration in Legal billing software

Seamless integration

CaseFox provides seamless integration with PayPal, Xero, and Quickbooks.


Make online payments hassle-free using PayPal. Secure and simplify all your transactions by using this popular payment portal.


Without wasting time in repetitive data entry, transparently copy the invoices from CaseFox to your Quickbooks account for managing your firm's accounting.


Simple, smart and occasionally
magical accounting software
for small legal firms
or solo practitioners.


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