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Legal billing software iCal integration

Access CaseFox Calendar in the default calendar on the phone or desktop.

Sync iCal to CaseFox easily.

iCal is a standard protocol for synchronizing calendar entries across heterogeneous environments. CaseFox offers an iCal feed subscription to enable external calendars (e.g., Outlook, Google Calendar, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android) automatically synchronize with calendaring items created in CaseFox. This is a one-time setup, once the synchronization link is established, the external calendar or device will automatically connect (at regular intervals) to CaseFox to update calendar entries of all cases. This is a one-way synchronization which means if a calendar entry is changed or added in CaseFox, the entry will automatically be updated or added in the external calendar but updates in the external calendar will not be synchronized back to CaseFox.

iCal Calendar Image
CaseFox integration With iCal

iCal is the universal calendar data format iCalendar. It allows the user to share calendar information with anyone by sharing or sending files (in .ics format) which are accepted by all popular calendar software.
iCal allows you to sync the CaseFox calendar with any calendar of choice. You can also export calendar data as a .ics file. With Ical, you will be able to sync CaseFox with all calendars across devices like mobile, tablet, pc, etc.
View your CaseFox bookings in the default calendar on your phone or desktop.
CaseFox offers seamless integration with Google and Office365 calendars (calendars in mobile devices can be synced to Google/Office365). iCal Sync is not required if you use google or Office365.

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