Control and customize access for your staff

Provide separate login credentials to your staff. Control and customize access for your staff members using our software.

First admin has complete access to the software

The first admin of your law firm’s account will have complete access to the time entries, case lists, staff dashboards, billing, and payment information. He or she can track each staff member's performance and can assign tasks, events, and cases to them individually.

Assign roles to your coworkers

You can assign separate roles to your staff members and control what they can view. A normal user will see no accounting data or case list or time entries of others and cannot perform any actions on data other than his own time entries.

Separate login credentials for staff members

Each staff member will log in to the same account using their own username and password. They only have access to their own cases, clients, tasks and events. After logging in using their credentials, they can view a personalized dashboard that gives them their billing report, tasks and events due and also tracks their performances.

Role Based data Access

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