CaseFox generates comprehensive invoices & payments reports
that you can download in a click

Download client wise and staff wise invoices. You can also generate invoices for selected months or for different years

in various formats like PDF, LEDES, ESIS.

Generate invoices for selected user and months in different formats

Generate invoices for a selected month, year, staff and format in a single click. Our law firm invoice management software allows you to download invoices in various formats for your ease so that you don’t have to struggle with other tools to generate professional invoices.

Generate money collected by the staff report for selected dates

You can easily generate the money collected by staff reports by selecting the dates in excel format.

Please note that this feature will provide accurate information only if all payments made during the selected period make their corresponding invoices fully paid.

Export all unbilled time entries and unpaid invoices in a single click

Export Time and Expense entries of all the cases and clients which are not invoiced as yet. You can also export all the unpaid invoices with the unpaid amount in PDF or Excel format. Such reports will show the list of clients, cases, categories and unbilled amount.

Download invoice And Payment Reports

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