We keep track of your incomes and expenses,
making it easier for you to keep a proper account of your money.

CaseFox imports Income and Expense entries automatically from payments received from your clients and payments made to your vendors,
making it easier for you to monitor your funds through our online expense tracking software.

Income expense ledger management

Our online expense tracking software maintains the income expense ledger for your firm. Income and expense entries are automatically imported from payments received from your clients and payments made to your vendors. Alternatively, you can also log in to additional income and expense on CaseFox.

Keep track of income and expense entries for different years

Using our online expense tracking software, you can view all the income and expenses for previous and current years. You may edit automatically imported (from Vendors module) expense entries. You may also re-categorize ledger entries in the correct categories.

Generate consolidated expense report

A list of Income-expense transactions can be downloaded in an Excel sheet. You can also generate a consolidated report containing all types of incomes and expenses for the current year.

Law firm income expanse management features
Law firm ledger management

Attach documents

You can also upload expense receipts to a cloud-based service (Google Drive or any similar service that provides separate URLs for individual documents) and attach those document URLs to income and expense entries. You may also store these documents in local or shared drives. However, links to local or shared drives will not be accessible from the browser.

Generate account statement reports

Select a client and download invoice and payment statements in PDF and Excel files. Generate account receivable and operating account transaction reports separately in pdf and excel files.

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