Setup different hourly rates for your legal firm’s attorneys

Make the most of your billable time by getting paid as per your set hourly rates. Customize and
configure different rates as per the case category and staff members.

Set up global hourly rates for billing

Set differently global attorney billing rates are for your staff members, as per their seniority or experience. Such global hourly rates are the default rates used in billing for cases.

Configure different billing rates for cases and clients

In case you want to customize the billing rates, you can do so individually for both cases and clients. Such change in rates will be applicable for future entries, past entries shall remain unchanged.

CaseFox category Based Hourly rate

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Role-based access to data helps you control what information your attorney can view. You can also customize access of contract staffs and office secretary.

Hourly Rates
For Categories

You can set different hourly rates for each case category your law firm deals with. Within case categories, you can individually set each attorney's billing rates.

Attorney Performance Reports

Set different yearly targets for your legal firm attorneys. You can track their performances by comparing actual billable hours and amount to the set target.

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