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Store additional data and encrypt the same for securing important information about your law firm.

Custom Fields for Cases and Clients

The "Other Info" tab both under "Clients" and "Cases/Projects" can be used to store additional data fields for clients and cases respectively. For sensitive data, check the "Encrypt" checkbox and click on the Save Field button. If encryption opts, for added security, the value of the field will be encrypted in the database. Values to be encrypted should be short (no more than 80 characters).

Field Groups

You may also create custom field groups. A field group is a container for one or more custom fields. In the Setting tab Custom Field, simply select this group in the dropdown and assign it to the case. All fields in the assigned group are added to the case in one click. When a group is edited to add or remove fields, added fields are automatically added to all cases to which the group is associated with. Deleted fields are also automatically deleted from all cases.

Task Groups

You may create task groups to group routine tasks that need to be added to a number of cases or matters to add all tasks in the group to a case or matter in just one click and also maintain task title and description centrally at one place.

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