Add, withdraw and transfer funds to your account easily.

Manage your legal firm’s funds hassle-free using our law firm accounting software. CaseFox will monitor the funds of each client,
making it easier for you to focus more on your practice.

Add funds

After creating a new trust account on our law firm accounting software (using either 0 starting balance or starting balance that reflects your own money), use the Add Funds option to add funds to the newly created account. The Add Funds option will require you to select a client for whom you are adding these funds. Subsequently, CaseFox will monitor the funds of each client and will not allow overdrawing funds for any client.

Withdraw vs Transfer Funds

Use Withdraw Funds feature on our law firm accounting software if money from a trust account is directly being paid to a third party. However, if you are transferring money from client trust and depositing in the firm's operating account, you may use the "Transfer Funds To Operating Account" feature. A transfer will create a withdrawal from the client's trust funds and make a deposit entry in the selected operating account.

Billing Software Add Fund Features

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