Set staff performance goals and track it in real-time

Set hour and revenue goals for your law firm's employees and track their performance in
real-time without crunching any numbers manually.

Set yearly targets for each staff individually

You can set a yearly target individually for each staff member. Set hours to be worked and amount to be charged in a year. Setting such targets will motivate your employees to work towards a goal rather than working aimlessly.

Track and compare targeted staff performance to actual

You can track your employee performances using our performance tracking software. Track the cases worked on, billed hours & the amount earned and compare it with the set targets to understand the firm’s productivity.

Law Firm Staff performance report
Legal Staff billing Reports

Staff members can also track their own performances individually

Each staff member can log in to their own accounts and track their own performances using their personalized dashboards. They can track their performances for the month, year to date and last year on our performance tracking software.

Generate total staff and staff wise reports

Easily generate year to date, per month, per week or per day staff billing reports in total or individual staff reports. This data can be useful if your staff members are paid a percentage of what they bill to clients.

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